About Us

Welcome to Collyn Raye, a southern style brand

Owner Shannon Harrill was taught to sew & make patterns by her mother at a young age. She received a sewing machine for her 18th birthday.  Unhappily she told her mother she would rather have jewelry.  Her mother said “you will need it someday”, reply given “no I will not”!

Well, she ended up starting a business in 2007 making baby items, then shortly after children’s clothing.  In 2013 she decided to start a women’s line.  Her business was growing at a rapid pace & was excited for what 2014 had in store for her.

In January 2014 she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at the age of 38, so all of her plans were put on hold.  Luckily it was caught early, but took sometime to get back & only worked when she could until she was 100% again.  All of her goals she had made in 2013 have been coming true since

Shannon lives in South Carolina with her husband & their 2 kids

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade…When life gives you Pink Limes, celebrate”

Shannon Harrill, AKA Collyn Raye


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